We provide various varieties of split firewood year-round. We sell our firewood by the Face Cord.

Schedule to pick up your firewood onsite or we offer firewood delivery and stacking within 20 miles of Abilene, TX! Our wood yard is located at 138 Ruidosa Avenue, Abilene, TX. Please know that we do not keep firewood at our shop address listed throughout the rest of our website.

We carry a good selection of clean, split, firewood for any occasion.

Face Cord Firewood AbileneMake sure you’re buying wood from a trusted source. Store-bought wood that is wrapped in plastic can often be sold wet or rotting. Plus it’s like $10 for a tiny bundle! You can always count on the best quality from Thornton’s Tree Service and firewood supply.

We provide locally sourced oak, mesquite, pecan, and miscellaneous firewood that’s perfect for your needs.

Our firewood can help you stay warm inside during the cooler months or help you host a bonfire or outdoor BBQ.

What is a face cord of firewood?

Folks always have questions about a cord of wood. We sell firewood by the face cord, not a FULL Cord. A true Cord of firewood = 16ft long 4 ft high 2ft deep for a volume of 128 sq feet.

A face cord shares the 4-foot height and 16-foot length with the full cord. The difference between a Standard Full Cord and a Face Cord is width. A standard full cord is 2 feet deep. However, the face cord is only one stack deep, usually 14″ to 16″ long pieces.

Our existing customers have great things to say about our firewood quality and service. New and old customers alike receive the best possible service and top-standard quality firewood.

If you are looking for firewood for sale, then look no further. Call us today for all your firewood needs. Get your wood before the cold weather settles in. Our wood is excellent for long-lasting even burning, cooking, stoves, fire pits, or fireplaces.

Hardwoods like Oak, Mesquite, and Pecan burn longer and hotter, containing more heat per pound. This makes them ideal for fireplaces (although mesquite can be a bit smokey).

Firewood delivery and stacking is also available, starting at $75 for 1/2 face cord and $150 for full face cord firewood delivery. Call us at Thornton’s Tree Service for delivery options, if you also need stacking, or if you have any questions.  We are the go-to firewood supplier in Abilene, TX and the surrounding areas!

**We do require payment upon delivery, cash, card, or a good check. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Oak Firewood
Oak firewood burns quite hot and although it does have a distinct aroma, it burns cleanly and also burns slower and longer. This is the king of woods for your Fireplace.
1/4 face cord Oak – $100
1/2 face cord Oak – $200
1 full face cord Oak – $400

Mesquite or Pecan Firewood
Mesquite is popular firewood that works well for cooking since it produces a lot of heat and a deep flavor. This wood is naturally dry. It burns hot like Oak but with minimal popping so it’s safer to burn in a fire overnight. Pecan is also excellent for firewood or smoking meat with a mild flavor and excellent heat retention for fireplace use.
1/4 face cord Mesquite/Pecan – $100
1/2 face cord Mesquite/Pecan – $200
1 full face cord Mesquite/Pecan – $400

Miscellaneous Firewood- Great for outdoor burning This is pretty much a combination of other trees we encounter that aren’t the Big 3. Will likely include ash, pine, cedar, hackberry, pistachio, cottonwood, and cypress.
1/4 face cord Misc. – $100
1/2 face cord Misc. – $175
1 full face cord Misc. – $350

Delivery and stacking are available starting at $100 within 20 miles of Abilene. Call for delivery options.

Make sure you are stacking your firewood safely with these tips from the Texas Farm Bureau.

Thornton’s Tree Service also sells Wood Chips!

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