Abilene, TX and San Angelo, TX Land Clearing Experts

Land clearing in West Texas is not an easy job.

Before your development or construction project can come to life, the land must be cleared of brush, Mesquite, and more. From tree and shrubbery removal to stump grinding, Thornton’s Tree service has years of experience clearing land for residential and commercial purposes. Whether you are clearing land to build your dream home or a build a new business, we can help make that dream become a reality.

There are many reasons why you would want to hire a professional land clearing service for your construction project.

You may need land clearing services if you want:

  • Extensive forestry and vegetation cleared for commercial development
  • To increase property values and attractiveness
  • Trees and shrubbery removed that are damaged due to pests, disease, or storms
  • More level land on your property for personal or business use

Residential Land Clearing  Abilene, TX

If your looking to add a driveway or build a new home our professional residential land clearing service will give you the results you want. Our professional crews pay attention to detail, using the right for typically softer residential grounds.

No job is too big for us. If you live in rural West Texas, then we have larger equipment to handle more dense and heavier vegetation on your property.

We mostly utilize forestry mulching methods to clear land. This method is more efficient and environmentally friendly, and it does not require large piles of cleared material to burn. With forestry mulching, brushes and trees are turned into mulch for the soil. This mulch is rich in nutrients, allowing for soil and tree root systems to remain healthy even after significant clearing.

Right of Way Land Clearing Abilene, TX

Our forestry mowers make quick work on highway and road right of way land clearing. Thornton’s Tree Service has experience working with large project contractors in getting bar ditches and for construction that helps with the formation of roads all along their arrangement/alignment. We also clear land around lakes and tanks with ease.

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