Tree Removal Experts

Thornton’s Tree Service serves the San Angelo, TX area with a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize San Angelo tree removal, particularly in hazardous situations. With our expertise, we are adept at handling this risky task. By using the proper techniques, Thornton’s Tree Service ensures that trees are removed without causing unnecessary damage to your residential or commercial property. It is important to note that unqualified or inexperienced individuals would likely struggle to safely remove a tree, which could potentially result in damage to your property or even endanger lives.

Tree Removal Work is Hazardous

Tree removal is a hazardous and should really not be attempted as a do-it-yourself project especially if its a large tree or close to buildings, power lines, and other hazards. The internet is full of videos showcasing so-called “experts” making poor decisions, leading to catastrophic outcomes. At Thornton’s Tree Service, we prioritize safety and employ our specialized equipment like man lifts and cranes to enhance the accessibility and security of tree removal operations. However, it is essential to highlight that cranes are only utilized when necessary. Whenever feasible, we opt for the safest approach, either by dropping the tree or piecing it away piece by piece in the safest manner possible.

No matter the scale of your tree removal in San Angelo, Thornton’s Tree Service is equipped to handle any project, be it large or small. We know tree care can get expensive. That is why we aim to provide the best price every time. However, we are also willing to beat other bids and work with our customers to ensure that they get our exceptional services at the best price.

One of our goals is 100% safety for our tree removal specialists and you and your property during the tree removal process and work to avoid property damage. Our team members do have decades of experience in tree removal. We also work to ensure our customers 100% satisfied with the job they’ve received. Thornton’s has the know-how and all the professional tree removal equipment to make sure every job is a success. Once our work is completed you can barely tell there was ever a tree there to begin with.

What Are Some Signs You Need a San Angelo Tree Removal Service?

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There are several signs that indicate the need for tree removal from your residential or commercial property.

Here are some common indications that a tree may need to be removed:

  1. Dead or Dying Tree: If a tree shows significant signs of decay, such as large areas of dead or brown leaves, brittle branches, or a lack of new growth, it may be dying. Dead trees can become structurally unstable and pose a safety hazard.
  2. Leaning or Unstable Tree: A tree that is leaning significantly or appears to be unstable due to root damage or soil erosion may require removal. Such trees pose a risk of falling and causing damage to property or endangering people’s safety.
  3. Disease or Pest Infestation: Trees infected with severe diseases, such as oak wilt which is becoming more common here in the San Angelo area, may need to be removed to prevent the spread of the disease to other healthy trees. Similarly, trees infested with pests, such as emerald ash borers or bark beetles, may become weakened and require removal.
  4. Structural Damage: If a tree has sustained severe structural damage, such as a split trunk, large cracks, or major limb failure, it may be necessary to remove the tree. These issues compromise the tree’s stability and increase the risk of falling. It’s always a good idea after a major storm to walk around your property to look for tree damage.
  5. Overhanging or Hazardous Branches: Trees with branches that overhang structures, power lines, or pose a risk to people or property may need to be removed or pruned. Pruning may be a suitable alternative if only specific branches are hazardous.
  6. Encroachment or Space Constraints: In cases where a tree’s growth interferes with buildings, foundations, utility lines, or other structures, removal may be necessary. Trees too close to structures can cause damage over time as roots expand or branches rub against the structure.
  7. Landscaping or Construction Plans: If you have landscaping or construction plans that require the removal of trees to accommodate new structures, driveways, or outdoor living spaces, tree removal may be necessary.

Get A Free Estimate From The Tree Professionals

It’s important to consult with a professional tree service provider, not just a part-time tree guy or gal who does this type of work as a side hustle,  to assess the specific situation and determine if tree removal is indeed required.

Professionals can provide expert advice based on the tree’s health, structural integrity, and potential risks involved. Check out this handout from the Texas Department of Insurance on tree trimming and removal.

If you notice any of these signs on your trees, turn to our experts for tree removal services. We have the proven experience and skills to remove the tree in the most efficient way. For years, we have provided tree removal services for the San Angelo, TX area. Contact us today for a free tree removal quote at 325.225.4817 today! Be sure to ask us about our military and senior citizen discounts.