Tree Removal Professionals

The tree removal professionals at Thornton Tree Services know when trees need to be removed from your property you need a highly skilled expert to handle this kind of work. Thornton’s Tree Service can use the proper techniques to remove trees without causing damage to your property. Someone who is not qualified to handle tree removal or is inexperienced would struggle to safely remove a tree. We use our man lifts and cranes to make access to trees much easier than by just claiming or using ladders from the ground. Tree removal and trimming can be dangerous not only for those attempting to remove the tree but also puts your property in harm’s way. Tree removal is a dangerous do-it-yourself job. No size tree removal job is too large – or too small for our tree company.

We work hard to provide all the TLC needed to ensure 100% safety during the tree removal process and avoid property damage. The highly trained team members here at Thornton’s Tree Service have decades of experience. We are committed to making your property beautiful. We also strive to leave our customers 100% satisfied with the job they’ve received. Thornton’s has all of the professional equipment and professional well-trained crews that take their time to remove high-risk limbs and secure the trunk so that we can slowly and safely remove the tree for you.

Are You in Abilene, TX, and Not Sure if You Need Tree Removal?

Here are some common reasons that a tree needs to be removed:

  • Dying/dead tree
  • Damaged or diseased tree (possibly from storms or organisms)
  • Overgrown branches causing a safety hazard to those on/around your property
  • Trees or branches are threatening your house, garage, outbuilding, vehicles
  • To create more  space on your property

Signs You Need a Tree Removal Service:

Texas Freeze Damaged Tree

Diseased and damaged trees around your property are a safety risk for your family. They can easily drop branches on people or damage property. It’s important to notice the signs of a decaying tree, that way you can remove it before it causes any problems. This is especially true for trees or portions of trees which were killed off during the Texas Freeze of February 2021. To learn more about the signs of a diseased tree, check out the following section.

Leaf Discoloration or Lack of Leaves

When the leaves begin to lose their color or start to deform, it’s a sign that the tree is sick. Diseased trees also tend to lose a lot of leaves. Our estimators will be able to inspect the leaf growth and determine if tree removal is necessary.

Mushroom Growth

When mushrooms grow near the base of the tree, they can infect the roots and trunk with diseases. If the fungus growth persists, there isn’t much that can be done to save the tree. The experts at Thornton’s will be able to provide tree removal service, which will prevent the fungus from attacking the surrounding plants that are healthy.

Dead Branches

Diseased trees tend to drop a lot of dead branches. They do this to become smaller so that they require less energy to live. Dead branches are hazardous, as they can fall on people or damage your property. This is why a tree removal service is necessary to prevent any accidents.

Bark Discoloration

The tree’s bark is similar to human skin, meaning it’s a visible indicator of its overall health. Diseased trees tend to have deep cracks and gouges in their bark. We will be able to assess the damaged tree bark and determine the best solution moving forward. They will perform a “scratch test”, which involves peeling away a section of bark. If the section is green, the tree is alive. If it’s brown and dry, that’s a sign of decay. A tree removal service will be necessary to prevent the disease from spreading.

If you notice any of these signs on your trees, turn to our experts for tree removal and crane services. Our experts have the experience and skills to remove the tree in the most efficient way. For years, we have provided tree removal services for Abilene, and San Angelo, areas. Contact us to schedule a tree removal service today!

If your property is currently facing any of these situations, just pick up the phone and give our experts a call right away. We will be able to come out on site today, or schedule a time for a free estimate over the phone. We will be onsite to inspect the situation in person. Keep in mind, we are with you from the start to the finish with a tidy cleanup and we keep you up to speed on the entire process. Whether you want us to haul the tree branches, trunks and more away or give you the grounded tree material to be used as mulch right there, we are here for you! Give us a call today at 325-677-8733  for a free no-obligation estimate. Ask us about our military and senior citizen discounts.