Abilene Stump Grinding Services

Once a tree has been removed the customer is always left with a question…”What do I do with the stump?” Gone are the days of chaining a stump to the bumper of your truck and trying to yank them out. That method is impractical, unsafe, and will usually result in damage to your vehicle while the stump remains unmoved. People have also tried chopping them out, burning them up, drilling holes and pouring salt into them, and spraying chemicals to get rid of their stumps. Unfortunately, these methods are all ineffective or take years to see results. Here at Thornton’s, we have 5 stump grinders of various sizes to remove your unwanted stumps in record time with clean-up afterwards.

The service team at Thornton’s Tree Service will grind the stump to your desired depth, taking into consideration the future plans for your site. Thornton’s Tree Service has ground thousands of stumps across the Abilene area and West Texas.

How Do You Grind Stumps?

We are often asked what the procedure is for removing a stump. In a nutshell, the stump grinder is a large piece of equipment with a 12-18″ diameter wheel with teeth on it. The cutter head spins at a high rate of speed and essentially takes small bites out of the stump while also swinging back and forth until the residual stump is approximately 6-8″ below ground. Once the stump is ground up we clean up the excess chips. There will always be a small layer of chips over the stump that will shrink and degrade over time. At any point thereafter you can then add some topsoil and plant grass seed or lay sod to ensure the area where the tree was located blends in with its surroundings.

“How Much Is Tree Stump Grinding?”

Very often, smaller companies without the proper equipment will attempt to remove the “core” tree but don’t have the resources or tools to effectively grind the stump to the proper depth. The end result? Home and business owners aren’t happy. They see an eye sore that, given its size and location, can even be hazardous to your family or customers.

With our high-end professional stump grinders, Thornton’s Tree Service stump can quickly, safely, and easily remove trees and tree stumps the same day. We own all of our own equipment which means no waiting weeks for a stump grinder rental to become available. We have the right-sized stump grinder for every job. Some are small enough to fit through your standard fence gate. The cost depends on your specific needs and the specs of the stump or stumps. Like people, every tree is different. We also trim trees and do full tree removal.

There are a couple of things we look at when estimating stump grinding jobs.

Ready to Get Tree Stumps Removed?

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#1: Stump Diameter
The diameter and the size of the stump are key to assessing costs during our free consultation. We’ll come out and review the stumps that you want to be removed on site and we’ll provide you with an estimate on the spot.

#2: Number Of Stumps
Do you have more than one stump that needs stump grinding? Depending on your needs we’re able to provide “bundled” rates to Abilene and San Angelo area homeowners and business owners. This decreases the cost per stump removal provided all are removed at the same time.

We do stump removal and tree removal a lot, especially on larger properties. Just ask the Abilene Country Club about the over 400 trees and stumps at their north and south locations that we removed after the great Texas Freeze in February 2021. With our equipment and stellar staff we were able to remove and stump grind 400 Ash and Mulberry trees in about 3 months.

We Also Do Land Clearing

Do you need a LARGE amount of land cleared and have the stump removed as well? Some companies typically charge a land clearing fee. This will be a set package price for clearing the land and removing the stumps on a property. At Thornton’s Tree Service and Stump Removal, we have professional cranes, skid steers, tree shearers, forestry mowers, and stump grinders to do any job. We will give you a free estimate for land clearing along with stump removal and stump grinding, providing a comprehensive solution for you.

Call us today (325) 677-8733 and we can be on site today or schedule a time to come and review your needs.