Tree Pruning

If you are in need of tree pruning to add property value, improve safety, bring in some sun exposure AND keep your trees healthier all with one decision call us today.

The professionals here at Thornton’s Tree Service can come out on your schedule to assess your property for tree trimming and pruning services. Whenever someone first steps onto your property, one of the first things that they see are your trees. we can get rid of all of those problematic branches, trunk crotches, and weak wood areas to allow your trees to be as healthy and beautiful as we know they can be. Let us help you trim and prune your trees into a configuration that is ideal for your residential or commercial property.

Our team of professionals at Thornton’s Tree Service are just the tree service that you need to ensure the upkeep of the species of any tree on your property. Let us take over this daunting task for you time and time again and allow you to allocate your free time elsewhere. Help your tree grow strong, increase flower and fruit production, improve overall health, remove damaged limbs and the trees approve overall appearance. We are just a call away for a free on-site estimate in the Abilene, TX area.(325) 677-8733.