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Our tree service sees this type of work all the time, fast-growing trees that need to be removed.

Many people, especially in newer subdivision demand shade, and they want it now.

The problem: our brutal west Texas weather of sizzling summers and (at times) unforgiving sub-freezing temperatures.

There are a number of fast-growing trees that people will plant, without thinking about the long-term benefits of planting proper shade trees on their property.

Texas Horticulturist and author Neil Sperry recently point out that all fast-growing shade trees have at least one fatal flaw. Most have several, and for that reason, property owners expect to have to replace them in as few as five or 10 years.

You can make a list of all the fast-growing shade trees, and every one of them will have some kind of bad news you can tack up beside it.

If you’re in the Abilene area, the tree recommendations will differ from Weatherford to Possum Kingdom Lake, to Wichita Falls.

The City of Abilene provides a great list of shrubs and trees that are great for in and around the city. You can download the list here.

The Big Country Master Gardeners also have a list of recommended trees.

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