For many Texas homeowners, the last thing on their minds in the winter may be doing tree trimming. However, there are several good reasons to schedule your tree trimming for the winter months or toward the end of winter. In some instances, it is the preferred time of the year to prune certain trees.

  • If you need oak trees pruned then you should consider having this work done during the dormant season because there’s oak wilt. This would be the period from February to June when the insects that spread this disease are most active.
  • January and February are the best times to get trees trimmed in Texas.
  • Pruning during the winter months means less disruption to your other landscape plantings – especially annual flowers you might plant or your perennials.
  • After a tree has shed its leaves a tree trimming has a better view of the structure of the tree and can prune your tree accordingly. It’s easier for the tree pruner to see crossing branches, splits in branches or branch unions, and broken branches when they are not obstructed by leaves. The work also goes a LOT quicker.
  • Pruning a pecan tree should take place at the end of winter, just before the new buds form. This keeps the tree from putting too much energy into new growth that’s just going to be cut away.